Founded in 2020, Uncensored America is a non-partisan organization dedicated to fighting for freedom of speech. Free speech is not just a part of our country’s constitution, it’s also a part of our culture. It’s about being able to have truly honest and fun conversations in America.

We used to live in a time where all voices were welcomed at the table. You didn’t have to worry about getting censored, banned, or cancelled for saying what’s on your mind or cracking provocative jokes. Now, the establishment are censoring any thought provoking or colorful conversations they don’t like. Universities are penalizing students for thinking differently, online mobs are cancelling comedians for edgy jokes, Big Tech oligarchs are banning influential voice on social media for sharing hate facts, and co-workers are getting average Americans fired from their jobs for liking the wrong opinions on social media.

But in the end, these tyrants aren’t just censoring free speech. They’re also censoring fun. And that is what’s at the heart of Uncensored America: fun. Of course, we want to bring back open, thought provoking, and honest conversations. But we also want to bring back fun. Join us as we fight for the censored, banned, cancelled, and average Americans like you to speak and laugh freely again.


Uncensored America is a youth-driven free speech organization dedicated to hosting honest and fun conversations with controversial figures to fight censorship and cancel culture.

Our goal is to create a free speech culture to make America free and fun again.


We will facilitate open and honest conversations with many different viewpoints. By hosting events and dialogues, we will provide a space for people to freely discuss ideas and hopefully reach some common ground.


We will empower people to speak freely without fear of being wrongfully censored, banned, or cancelled. Through grassroots activism, we will fight for free speech and for voices who have been wrongfully silenced.


We will enlighten people by having fun while thinking, learning, and discussing a wide variety of ideas. By enjoying colorful conversations and unfiltered entertainment, we will bring back true fun to our culture.


Comedian Alex Stein on Tucker Carlson Tonight after Penn State University cancelled an Uncensored America comedy show featuring Stein and Gavin McInnes (10/25/2022).